Come celebrate your child's next birthday party with us!!

Our trained staff will lead your child and their friends through creating a meal, making a drink, and decorating a dessert.

Each party is a total of 90 minutes and requires a minimum of 10 children. Call of us for more details and pricing!


Meal Menu Options:
Personal Pizza
Cheese Nachos
Cheese Raviolis
Fresh Baked Pretzel Sticks
Tacos - Hard or Soft Shells
Dessert Menu Options:
Cake Pops
Sugar Cookies
Monkey Bread
What' Cooking Mimi Sundaes
Dirt Cups
Drink Menu Options:
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (Child's choice of Pink or Blue)
 What's Cooking Chocolate or Strawberry Milk

Party Add Ons & Party Favors:  
Extravaganza Ice Cream Sundae Party - Add $1.75 per child
Pretzels and Chips by the Bowl - $2 per bowl
Snow Cones - $2.50 per child
Sandy Candy Art - $3.50 per child
Personalized Pot Holders - $3.50 per child
 Candy Bar - $5.00 per child
Goodie Bag - $5.50 per child
 Cotton Candy - $2.50 per child
Popcorn - $3.00 per child


Optional Extras: 

Chef Hats- $1.50 per hat
Tattoos - $1.00 per child
Face Painting - $1.00 per child
 Balloons - $1.50 per balloon 

Additional Add-ons for Parents:
Large Plain Pizza - $14.00 per pie
Additional Topping - $1.00 extra per pie
Salad Platter - $30.00
Finger Sandwiches - $60.00
Chips + Salsa - $5.00 per bowl
Bagel Platter (24 pieces) - $25
Cold Veggie Platter with Dip - $45
Snack Size Chips - $0.50 per bag
Cheese Platter - $45
* Please ask about additional items!

Call Store for More Details: 973-240-7161

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